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Online Application Procedure for Recruitment of Foreign Labour in Bhutan

Aggregated by the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Online Application Procedure for Recruitment of Foreign Labour in Bhutan

  • Any employer who wants to apply for the government approval to employ foreign workers will need to visit the website www.employment.gov.bt/dol and go to the LabourNet link.
  • The employer can register by clicking the link "Register for an account" and by filling up the details (Only one account for one work/company).
  • He/she can log in using the username and password used during registration.
  • After logging into the system, the employer can fill up the the appropriate foreign worker application form.
  • The form can then be submitted online to the Department of Labour for approval.
  • The Department of Labour will verify the application forms and complete formalities such as site visits, submit to Labor recruitment Committee, etc.
  • The Department will accord approval based on existing policies, rules and regulations.
  • The employer can login with the username and password and check the status of the application (It is important to remember your application ID). The respective regional offices will also receive a copy of the status of the application i.e. approval, rejected, submitted to LRC or site visit.
  • The employer can proceed to the regional office concerned with the necessary documents as specified in the approval and produce before RRO concerned for verification.
  • If any of the required document is missing the RRO will not process the work permit.
  • If all the document are in order, an online biodata form will be filled by the officer/staff of the RRO concerned. A web camera will then take the foreign workers picture and the work permit will be printed.
  • The work permit card will be issued to the employer only after the work permit card fees and security deposit are collected by the regional office.
  • The foreign worker will enter the country showing the work permit card to the Immigration Officers at the check post and the check post officer will use the barcode reader to validate the particular work permit.
  • On repatriation of a foreign worker, the employer or the foreign worker will have to surrender the work permit card to the officer at the check post through which the foreign worker is exiting. The officer at the check post will cancel the validity of the card using the barcode reader. If an employer/foreign worker fails to do this, the foreign worker will be treated as either still in the country illegally or has left the country without the permission of the employer and without completing the repatriation/exit formalities. If the employer has not notified the Department of Immigration or the RRO concerned that his/her foreign worker has left without his/her permission the employer will be liable for fine and the security deposit will be forfeited.

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